Alice Newton is a woven textile designer, currently based in Leicester, UK. Recently graduating from De Montfort University, with a BA in Textile Design, she is driven through the love of woven practice, focusing her work around experimenting with warp set ups to create variety within her collections.

Her industry experience, which was gained as part of her degree, has allowed her to work in varied environments, such as Melin Tregwynt, Margo Selby, Stephen Walters and Sons, Blacker Yarns and Dash + Miller. This has provided invaluable insight into not only woven production, but also yarn production and the importance of sustainability in a greater context outside of university work.

Alice’s diligent approach to extending her knowledge outside of her woven textiles degree has enabled her to enhance her work, through exceptional knowledge of dyeing, CAD and hand spinning.

Her high capabilities on Dobby and Jacquard weaving allow her to create innovative and skilled samples, for men’s fashion. Re-vamping a traditionally grey-based market.

A copy of Alice’s CV is available upon request.